Workers on an oil rigThe following schedule is for Commissioners of the Land Office Oil & Gas Lease Auctions. If you wish to nominate a tract of School Land for the lease auction, contact Ginny Rhodes at (405) 521-4107 or via email at by the nomination deadline.

For the May 16, 2018 lease auction, tracts 8-45 in Cimarron County have been withdrawn from the CLO Online auction and the CLO written sealed bid auction. They are instead being sold by sealed bid on EnergyNet. The following is information on how to bid on those tracts:
To view the online tract listing go to:
Prospective bidders must register with EnergyNet at: and abide by the terms and conditions therein.

Click here to provide electronic mineral lease bids.

Streaming video will be available beginning at 10:30 on the morning of the lease auction. Click here to view video.  If you have trouble viewing the video, try a different browser (Internet Explorer and Edge both work by default).  To use Chrome, the streaming website must be whitelisted in settings (Settings -> Advanced – > Content Settings -> Flash -> Next to “Allow” click on “ADD” -> Enter the web streaming web address -> Click “ADD” and then navigate to the auction streaming page again).


Oil & Gas Lease Auction Schedule