City Place

In the center of America’s heartland lies a growing industrious population. As the home of one of the most important Interstate highway intersections in the United States, connecting Interstate 35, Interstate 40 and Interstate 44, Oklahoma is well-suited for commercial and industrial development.

In 2014, the Bureau of Economic Analysis ranked Oklahoma number one in Durable Goods Manufacturing Growth. Forbes, using economic data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics and C2ER, named Oklahoma as one of the best states to make a living. Various other publications rank Oklahoma among the top ten states for middle class job creation (New Geography, 2013) and the Best Place of Business (Forbes, 2014).

The Bureau of Economic Analysis also noted that Oklahoma City was one of three large metropolitans in the United States to post a GDP gain of 3.5% or higher during the 2011-2013 period. Oklahoma City was also ranked fourth nationally as “most aspirational cities” based upon economy, quality of life and demographics (The Daily Beast, 2013). As a retirement destination, Oklahoma City was ranked in Forbes (2014) among the “25 Best Places to Retire.”

With approximately 726,000 acres of land owned since statehood, the CLO offers many locations for commercial and industrial developments.

The CLO offers short-term commercial leases from one to three years and long term commercial leases from three to 55 years. A long-term commercial lease can be negotiated to ensure a lease meets the needs of a commercial or industrial lease.