The Commissioners of the Land Office has approximately 726,000 acres of land in 42 counties managed by the Real Estate Management Division. Income earned through leasing these lands is directly distributed to the beneficiaries of the trust.

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An agricultural lease is usually for a five-year lease term, and leases can be used for crop production, grazing, hunting, recreation or a combination of these uses.

Approximately one-fifth of the total agriculture leases are appraised and offered for lease each year. The appraised rent for a lease will be the minimum acceptable annual rent for the lease at the annual fall lease auctions. Any unleased tracts will be offered at various times throughout the year, normally through a sealed bid process, but may be live auction at the discretion of the CLO.

Some agriculture leases may be offered with special conservation provisions which require the lessee to perform specific tasks such as removal and stacking of cedar trees, spraying brush or weeds, planting or sprigging grass, grazing restrictions, etc. All work is to be completed on a specific date prior to the end of the lease term. Real Estate Management Specialists are assigned to each area to oversee proper lease management of the leases.

The Commissioners of the Land Office also offer short-term commercial and long-term commercial leases.