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Check Received Date

When payments are made by check or other negotiable instrument, payments are credited with the date RECEIVED by the Land Office. Payment is determined to be received when the Land Office is in actual possession of the check or other negotiable instrument.

Payments may be made in person at the Land Office, during regular business hours between 8:00 a.m. to 4:45 p.m., Monday through Friday, excluding holidays.

Check Stub Compliance

Oklahoma Statute 52 O.S. §570.12 requires a lessee and/or operator to submit certain information with each royalty payment made to the interest owner. The Land Office is an interest owner. These requirements are as follows:

  1. Lease or well identification;
  2. Month and year of sales included in the payment;
  3. Total barrels or MCF attributed to such payment;
  4. Price per barrel or MCF, including British Thermal Unit (BTU) adjustment of gas sold;
  5. Total amount attributed to such payment of severance and other production taxes, with the exception of windfall profit tax;
  6. Net value of total sales attributed to such payment after taxes are deducted;
  7. Owner’s interest, expressed as a decimal, in production from the property;
  8. Owner’s share of the total value of sales attributed to such payment prior to any deductions;
  9. Owner’s share of the sales value attributed to such payment less owner’s share of the production and severance taxes; and
  10. A specific listing of the amount and purpose of any other deductions from the proceeds attributed to such payment due to the owner upon request by the owner. (The CLO requests this information for all check stubs.)

The Commissioners of the Land Office are now accepting check detail electronically. Check detail can now be sent using this template to CLO.Accounting@clo.ok.gov. Additional instructions for electronic royalty check detail reporting can be found on the second tab in the template.

If you have any questions regarding the check stub requirements, please contact Brian Heanue at 405-521-4054 or via email at CLORoyaltyCheckTeam@clo.ok.gov.

Report Production Electronically

The Commissioners of the Land Office are now accepting CLO forms 108 and 109 electronically.

Lessees can now send in these forms to CLO.EPRS@clo.ok.gov.

– The CLO 108 form can be found in a PDF format here, and an Excel format here.

– The CLO 109 form can be found in a PDF format here, and an Excel format here.

Submitted forms must be in a non-scanned PDF format or in the Excel format above.

Lessees should also attach supporting documentation (pipeline statements for dry gas, plant statement for processed gas, run ticket for oil) for each well, each month.

Lessees no longer have to have forms notarized, if the forms are emailed in.

The maximum size for an email is 20MB, so attachments may have to be broken out in order for the email to reach our system.

If you have any questions, please contact CLORoyaltyCheckTeam@clo.ok.gov.