Man standing next to machineryThe Land Office will often have contracting opportunities for soil conservation and land management projects.

If you wish to conduct business with the Commissioners of the Land Office, you must register as a vendor with the State of Oklahoma. Additionally, vendors must submit current general liability insurance information along with worker’s compensation insurance or complete the worker’s compensation exemption form showing you’re qualified to work in the State of Oklahoma.  Please send completed documents to the attention of the Real Estate Management Division of the Commissioners of the Land Office.

If sending in a sealed bid, please provide the soil conservation number and the opening date on the front of the envelope.

Professional qualified appraisal services are needed from time to time in order to fulfill the CLO’s statutory duties.  Qualified appraisers may obtain a Professional Valuation Appraisal Services Contract Form from Real Estate Division’s Certified Purchasing Officer (CPO) upon request.  The addendum to the services form is available here.

Please check this page frequently for updated bid solicitations and results.

Real Estate Management Soil Conservation Work

Request for Bid:

Request For Bid for Multiple Ranch Units in Cimarron County (provide pronone power pellets for purchase) – Bids Due 8/10/2018 at 2:00

Request for Bid for Lease 102637 (construct reservoir pond; Jefferson County) – Bids Due 8/30/2018 at 2:00

Bid Results:

There are currently no bid results. Please check back frequently for updates

Other Contracting/Bid Opportunities

Request for Bid:

Colocation of a Disaster Recovery Site for the CLO – Bids Due 8/10/2018